School Lunch Program

Due to the increasing number of school lunch accounts with negative balances, Marblehead Public Schools has implemented the following protocol regarding negative balances.  (effective 03/16/2015) 

Federal regulations require that lunch is offered to all students. The regulations do not require that lunch be given to students without money, either on their account or in hand, to pay for that meal.
Therefore, any student with a negative balance greater than $10.00 will be discretely notified of the deficiency at the register prior to being given an alternative meal at both breakfast and lunch. On the next occasion that they come through line they will be given a lunch consisting of cheese sandwich with fruit and milk. Breakfast, where offered, will consist of a plain bagel, fruit, and milk. These meals will be charged at the appropriate lunch or breakfast price. This will continue until the balance is paid completely.

Until such time as the balance is paid in full, no snacks will be available to any student with a negative balance. No snack transaction will be allowed that will result in a negative balance.
Negative balances may affect your student’s eligibility/ability to participate in extracurricular activities or sports where fees are required. High school seniors will have to satisfy this obligation prior to the end of their senior year as it has become an obligation.

Records of account activity will be provided at the request of parents or guardians. They can be requested by emailing Richard Kelleher, Food Services Director. Payment may be made at your child’s school. It is recommended that payment be made by check with your child’s name and ID number on the memo line. Checks should be made out to Marblehead School Lunch Program. You may also pay online at MySchoolBucks®. There is a modest fee charged by the vendor for this service.

Please be advised that, effective 9/1/2014, no change will be given in the K-3 elementary schools. Any money presented in excess of the price of lunch will be applied to your student's account. Please make sure that all payments are in a baggie or envelope that is clearly labeled with your child's name. Receipts will be given to your student for any cash payment of $5.00 or more. You may still pay by check. Checks should be made out to Marblehead School Lunch Program. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

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