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        The mission of Marblehead High School is to provide a safe, respectful environment in which all students are challenged to achieve their fullest intellectual, physical and social development and to accept responsibility for their learning.

  • Introduction.
        My name is Mr. Payne.  I have worked in the marine repair and tech business for over thirty-two years.  Most of my experience is in diesel engine repair.  The marine repair industry up and down the east coast has a high demand for skilled technicians, whether it be in engine repair, electrical systems, etc.  There are just a few school systems in Massachusetts who are offering a marine tech program; it is my hope to teach you life-long skills to take with you, whether it be in the marine industry or some other field.      

        The first quarter of this year, I hope to get you comfortable with safety procedures, tools, and good shop practices.  By the second quarter, I am hoping to get into engine theory, and move onto disassembling engines, repair, and reassembling.  At that point, we should have working engines, and other related marine parts and components, in the shop to work with.  The third and fourth quarters, I hope to get into the nitty gritty of engine repair, hands on work.

        Each year that you progress through the program, I hope to get into further detail of engine works, and other related marine components.  There are so many systems – there are batteries, fuel pumps, cooling systems, etc. that we will hopefully touch upon.

  • Expectations.
  • It is important to be on time, and ready to work; you should have all materials, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. with you when you arrive at class.
  • I expect you to respect the classroom, the tools, the machinery, and your peers.  I will have a no tolerance policy.
  • I expect each of you to come to class with reasonable and appropriate attire – There will be no hats, no pants below the waist, shirts should be tucked in, no belly shirts (for girls).
  • Behavior and Discipline – If you are late, you owe me the time – and I will expect you to report to me after school to make up that time; same with misbehavior during class time – if you are unruly or disruptive, etc., you will be asked to sit out, and I will expect you to make up that time after school as well.

  • Class Materials.
  • 1” three ring binder for handouts and classroom work;
  • 1 spiral notebook – one for homework and one for class notes;
  • Homework.
        A written homework assignment will be given approximately once a week.  Quizzing and tests will be given – I will give you ample notice and time to prepare.

  • Questions.   
        Questions are always welcome.  I would rather you ask a question and be sure of what you are to do, then to guess, or waste precious time trying to figure it out – especially if you don’t understand the concept we are working on.  Questions and concerns can also be emailed to me at payne.john@marbleheadschools.org



        In the Marine Tech program, I expect my students to come to class prepared for both the shop and classroom environment.  When working in shop, safety glasses will be provided, and must be worn at all times.  Coveralls are optional, but clothing appropriate for shop work should be worn.  Students are required to have a three ring binder, pen, pencil and a spiral notebook with lined paper.

        Please read and adhere to the following:  

  • Rules.  
  •         Respect classmates;
        Respect the classroom and shop, i.e. tools, engine parts and components, books, etc.;
        No inappropriate talk or language.

  •         Policies and Procedures.
  •         You must be seated and prepared for class at the bell;
        Absences are excused only with a white slip from the office;
        Unexcused absences result in a 0 for the day and detention after school;
        A hall pass or note from teacher or school staff must verify tardiness.  Any unexcused tardiness must be made up after school.

  •         Student Responsibilities.
  •         Be prepared for class; bring writing instrument and notebook and binder;
  •  Students must participate and ask questions.  This is a “hands-on” class, and participation is a big percentage of your grade;
  •  Save ALL homework assignments and corrected quizzes and tests in a binder.  You WILL need these for future tests, your MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAM.
  •         Follow school and classroom rules – no cellphones or ipods; no food or beverages in classroom; no hoods or hats on; no open toed shoes in shop; no inappropriate language;
  •         Clean-up – each student is responsible to help with shop clean up – work area and tools; tools must be organized and put away; floor swept of any debris.

  •         Grading.  
        Students will be graded:
  •         35% participation (which includes shop work, attendance, behavior, safety, teamwork, rules, clean-up);
        30% quizzes
  15% homework;
        20% midterm and final.

        Homework will receive FULL CREDIT on the day it is due. Thereafter, homework assignments will be graded at 80% the day after the due date; and only 50% the second day after it is due.  Homework will be accepted, but will receive a zero after the third day.  

     E.   Extra Credit.  

Extra credit will be given, but will count ONLY if ALL homework assignments have been completed.  Extra credit will be graded at 10%.  
  • Extra help.  I am available after school Monday through Thursday, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Students should let me know after class if they wish to return after school for extra help.  Questions and concerns can also be emailed to me at payne.john@marbleheadschools.org.

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