Theatre and Dance

Theatre arts and dance are taught through a variety of different experiences. Often times in the primary grades, classroom teachers, the physical education teachers,and the music teachers collaborate around curricular themes that result in musical, theatrical, or movement presentations. Students in the Fourth Grade Chorus use chorus time during the fall to experience musical theatre, and as a result, present the fourth grade musical in the winter. Students have the opportunity to participate in the yearly Village Musical and the Veterans Musical. Seventh grade students have had the opportunity for a number of years to participate in the Shakespeare Residency.

High school students may select from the following theater courses to satisfy their Fine Arts graduation requirement:
  •     Theatre Arts I
  •     Theatre Arts II
  •     Musical Theatre Performance
In high school, students have the opportunity to try out for the following events:
  •     Shakespeare (state) Competition
  •     Musical
  •     Drama Festival (state competition)
  •     Theatre Tech – lighting, sound, stage crew, costuming, set design space, props
  •     Student Directed Play
  •     Dance Troup – meets after school


Through school funds, PTO funds, and grants, numerous enrichment programs are brought into the schools to further expose students to quality theatre and dance performance and to connect to curriculum studies. Students attend programs such as:

Elementary Schools:

    Boston Ballet
    David Zucker
    Art of Black Dance
    Tanglewood Marionettes: “Hansel & Gretel”
    Roots of American Dance
    Master class and concert with Nick Page

Middle School:

    Theatre Espresso, “Justice at War: The story of the Japanese Internment Camps”
    Hip Hop Break Dance
    Shakespeare Residency

High School:

    Odds Bodkins – The Odyssey, storyteller
    Roots of American Dance Residency
    Field trips to theatres on the North Shore or in Boston to see play

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